06 April 2019 / By wp_1698921
costruzione Marimba pentatonica modulare

It is an instrument that allows to set different pentatonic scales in order to facilitate its transportation.

Besides being used in the conventional positions, it can be assembled on the tubular structure and played by someone who is seated.


This marimba has been conceived to be:

  • Comfortable, thanks to the dimension of its sonic bars;
  • Consonant, thanks to the music structure set for the pentatonic scales;
  • Modular, for interchangeability of its sounds due to the possibility to form different scales;
  • Easily transportable, thanks to its reduced obstruction obtained from the parallel position of the echo chambers with respect to the sonic bars;
  • Light and compact, thanks to the material that have been used;
  • Versatile, in order to be used in the conventional positions and to make it possible to assemble it in a way that results suspended from the tubular structure; and also to make it playable by people who are seated (thus for people who are on a wheelchair);
  • Stable and warm, from a sonic point of view, since the bars are made with padouk wood aged for over 35 years.