Small bass with 5 strings

06 April 2019 / By wp_1698921
basso a 5 corde

This bass semi-acoustic guitar with 5 strings is manageable, it has a small size, versatile tuning system, and strings made of a special elastic material. Its style was inspired from the production of the French liuther Vissenaire (1825), who was inspired by the lines of the Greek Lyra.

During the early XIX century, there were other types of unusual guitars like the “shield guitar” which was a double cutaway guitar; it is a system that was used again only a lot later, around 1930, for the jazz guitars.


Its special strings allow for sweeter and deeper sounds (one octave lower than a normal bass, like the contrabass).

Due to its dimensions, it really lends itself to being used by young people, easing the study of the bass, from which they are usually excluded due to its large figure.

Being semi-acoustic, it is playable even without an amp. This translate to an easier time studying and playing the instrument.

The fifth string together with the fourth, allow to easily carry sessions with the FaRe ConSonanza method.