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“Serenity is to listen between plants and bushes the voice of the wind and feel part of the universe”


FaRe ConSonanza it’s a simple and powerful instrument of music communication able to go beyond the barriers created by the difference among the levels of technical, musical, physical, cognitive and cultural expertises.

Theoretical Framework

Its theoretical framework has been built starting from the music foundations, which means those elements present at the basic level, or those which are common within the music languages of different populations on earth.

Their combination with the various pentatonic scales, and with the modal scales used in the ancient Greece, allowed the development of this modality which results extremely simple and effective.



FaRe ConSonanza facilitates the instinctive and spontaneous side of making music, regardless of technical and musical skills, physical and cognitive abilities.

This communication instrument makes it possible for everybody to create music in an easy, simple and instinctive way, by including their own creations within a harmonic context.

Participating actively in the production of something aiming for harmony and beauty, adds a new and important element of auto-gratification, to the values of the therapeutical or music improvisation.


Guiding and supporting

Anche dal lato della conduzione FaRe ConSonanza remains an easy and simple modality also when considering the guiding and supporting side of it.
Indeed, it provides the possibility to the music therapist to support the participants’ music production, by playing a harmonic instrument in an easy way.

The harmony which has the aim to sustain, contain and enhance the sonorous production, is created with simple combinations of consonant interludes, which can be overlapping or connected.

The patient who plays his/her own instrument in an easy way enables the music therapist to focus more on the meta-communications and on the group dynamics.



The instruments present in the setting can be tuned in the most convenient way.

Sometimes consonant musical instruments are included, along facilitating instruments or ones made with recycled materials.

Another type of instrument that sometimes can be used is the one projected and realized in order to compensate specific problems and subjective disabilities, that is to say customized musical instruments.

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