Antonio Ventura

Antonio Ventura

Who is Antonio

Antonio Ventura deals with music therapy and training.

He developed the “FaRe ConSonanza” modality and he is currently spreading it; it is a modality that facilitates the conduction of music therapy sessions from the sonic point of view.

This particular gives the possibility to harmonize and lead a music improvisation by playing a harmonic instrument (guitar, playboard, piano, etc…) even without having academic knowledge, in an easy and simple way.


He studied at the CMT of Milan, where he had the possibility to learn and from some of the most important international teachers, like Dr. Rolando Benenzon, the principal music therapy models recognized on an international level.

Supported from Italian master violin maker, he built many faithful reproductions of medieval musical instruments; he also realized facilitating instruments conceived for a music-therapy and didactic use.

His educational path keeps expanding regularly, both on a theoretical-conceptual level and on a material-practical one.


Music therapist

As a freelancer he collaborates with many Lombard clinical institutions.
Currently, he is working with:

  • San Gerardo Hospital (Monza), department of mental health;
  • IGM Istituto Geriatrico Milanese (Milano);
  • Social cooperative Solaris (Triuggio MB), Expressive therapies section.

Music Therapy teacher at: ARTEDOlogo artedo