Workshops and courses


In order to learn this modality three different levels of experiential, theoretical and practical workshops can be provided. These basic, intermediate and advanced workshops are addressed to:

  • Music therapists;
  • Music-therapy students;
  • Musicians;
  • Teachers;
  • Educators;
  • Special needs teachers.


Different workshops have been designed:


A group production sustained and included by a harmonic framework gives an added value to the gratification of each member of that group.

Knowing how to play instruments such as the piano (or the keyboard) or the guitar, even if in an easy way, allows to harmonize and musically lead clinical and musical improvisation sessions.


FaRe ConSonanza is characterized by the facility of its learning process and the ease of its use; with this mindset, there have been organized:

  • Piano courses for non-pianist music-therapists
  • Guitar courses for non-guitarists music-therapists

The courses are thought for those who want to learn how to play, with a simple technique and without knowing music, the piano or the guitar (a modified one); they will learn how to play them in a harmonic, melodic and rhythmic way.

In order to handle the education paths in an individualized way, the lessons will be developed by alternating sessions in presence with video sessions and video conferences.

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